Customer Service

We know that each shipping company and each carrier is unique. We at BOCS design solutions that are both effective and "a good fit" for each customer's unique situation. Your needs are uppermost, and you can count on BOCS for the high-tech customer service that will meet those needs. We will work with your existing system or will work with you to improve your system as we enter the 21st century together.

For instance, if you want to receive our reports electronically, we can help you develop the system to support advanced communications.


BOCS provides consulting services in equipment management, security systems, and many other areas of transportation, information systems, and risk management. BOCS is active in maritime investigations and can work with you to set up a proactive inventory management system.

BOCS can serve you by conducting inventories, building state-of-the-art inventory systems, and consulting with you on your inventory-control needs. Especially critical is the need to manage hazardous materials and be able to certify that they were handled according to stated standards. BOCS can help you meet your business, technological, and governmental challenges.