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BOCS maintains a well-trained staff of control service specialists in the transportation industry. Training is one thing that distinguishes our staff. We know our business. Moreover, given time, we will know your business too.

Resident surveyors can be counted on to troubleshoot and deal with problems proactively.

Tools also set our staff apart from the competition. We use the latest technological tools, including computers, digital cameras, and electronic communication. Because of expertise with the latest tools, we're fast, efficient, and reliable.

Add to that good customer service, and you have BOCS.


Independent associates supplement the BOCS staff to provide the specialized services that customers need . . . when those services are needed. We are proud of our network of trained, independent associates.


North America-United States-Canada-Mexico

BOCS' strategically located computer-networked offices ensure complete North American coverage. You can see BOCS staff at nearly every major port in Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. If you don't see one of our staff, you can be sure that a BOCS associate is in the area.

Here is a list of sites at which BOCS has staff ready to provide service to you:

New York, NY


Norfolk, VA

Charleston, SC

New Orleans, LA

Houston, TX

Phoenix, AZ

Long Beach, CA

Los Angeles, CA

San Francisco-Oakland

Portland, OR

Seattle, WA

Bellingham, WA

Vancouver, BC

Montreal, QUE




In addition to locations above, you will find our staff or associates in Savannah, GA, and Miami, FL.