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  Contact BOCS for integrated solutions to the many challenges faced by the transportation industry. Originally focusing exclusively on the shipping industry, BOCS has become the international solution of choice for shipping and Intermodal transportation because of its integrated approach, international network, affordable rates, and top customer service.

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Other Services

For a proactive approach to risk management call BOCS.
By taking advantage of BOCS tracking and monitoring services, you will be better able to make solid, informed decisions. In addition, with BOCS at your side, you will be demonstrating due diligence.
Loss prevention is always a challenge. BOCS provides inventory control services and on-site inspections that will limit your losses.
Our staff and associates act with your interests in mind, which means we are not in and out in the blink of an eye. You can rely on BOCS monitoring and observing. When we spot questionable fueling, for example, you are the winner.

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800 - 551 - BOCS

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Marlboro, NJ 07746

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