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Bell One aims to be a one-stop shop for your Maritime and Transportation Cargo Surveying needs.
Explore some of our services below, and feel free to contact us for any specific needs or questions.

Pre-Shipment Inspections

A pre-shipment inspection is another form of proactive risk management. Before your shipment even embarks onto the vessel, this survey will record the current state and condition of your cargo.

Mitigation Surveys

Claims adjustment surveys are aimed at determining the true salvageable amount of a damaged shipment. In many cases large portions of shipments are still usable, and when this is the case, mitigate our clients' losses and reduce claim amounts.

Damage Assessments

Damage Assessment Surveys do just that – assess the damage to a shipment and record the degree and amount of it, as well as the true market cost of damaged goods.

Accident/Liability Analysis

Sometimes, there might not be an easy way to quickly know who is at fault when the contents of a container are found to be damaged. Bell One consistently and accurately determines whom the liability falls on based on our years of expertise.

Reefer Refrigerated Container Downloading

We were among the first in the business to offer services that collect and analyze data from Reefer (Refrigerated) containers. We have the capability to access this data instantly on-site, and provide accurate analysis and judgment on the conditions of a container during transit.

USDA Cold Treatment Reporting

The USDA has stringent regulations in place regarding imported foreign food goods. Using raw data from reefer (refrigerated) containers, we collect and analyze cold treatment data, and then upload our reports directly to the USDA, saving you countless time and getting you that "stamp of approval" .


There are cases where no one party in particular is to blame for a damaged shipment, or other problems that occur during transit. That's why we offer consulting services aimed at studying your specific situations, investigating, and providing recommendations that better your shipping process and improve your bottom line.

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